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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The practice of forestry and forest management is, in common with all professions, becoming more and more complex, technically demanding and ever-changing. Clients, businesses, regulators and the general public all seek to have a say in how our forests and woodlands are managed. In addition employees expect ever greater protection and support and this is especially true in a sector where certain types of activity are both strenuous and highly skilled. While this makes it more interesting and challenging it also underlines the need for what is usually termed ‘continuing professional development’ or simply CPD.

All professional bodies have a requirement to undertake formal CPD, where members are required to list, on a regular basis, the type of technical and management courses and updating they do. In addition they have to complete a minimum time on CPD recognised by their professional body as being of a high enough technical standard.

If you are not a member of a professional body then you may have to undertake regular updating of skills qualifications so you are ‘fit to practice’. This may mean an assessment of practical skills or a test of your knowledge of current legislation, for example Health and Safety law or pesticide regulations. Increasingly employers, clients and local authorities expect to see evidence of CPD.

CPD can take many different forms including  professional work-based activities, personal and informal learning, courses, seminars and conferences, and may even include voluntary and charity work.

Continuing Professional Development Opportunities: 

Many professional bodies and associations organise short courses and professional development opportunities related to forestry, conservation and forest products: