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Starting Out

Thinking of entering the forestry or urban forestry sector?

UK forests and woodlands are a very rewarding environment in which young people and adults can build a career. Forestry and wood processing is one of the oldest UK trades with the sector having delivered wood products to market for centuries. The ever-developing technology and our increasing understanding of woodland management has driven advances in forestry efficiency, safety and sustainability within the sector currently showing growth in a variety of areas. With these developments has come the need for a work force with increasing skills and knowledge.

If you are considering the forestry sector for a potential career opportunity you can use the career portal to map your own progression and future opportunities. A basic guide for taking your first steps into the sector have been provided by following the links below. However, you should bear in mind that this is general guidance and may not apply to your specific situation. This site should be used as a guide but you should research your own circumstances to ensure you have selected the most appropriate course of action for you.

  • GCSE and A-level selection: Guidance and advice that may assist GCSE & A-level subject selection for those interested in forestry and urban forestry.
  • School leaver: Information on the options available for those thinking of forestry and urban forestry as a potential career after school.
  • College leaver: Details of the opportunities in forestry and urban forestry on completion of further education qualifications.
  • University leaver: General advice for those contemplating their options within forestry and urban forestry while in higher education.
  • Career change: Information providing guidance and advice for those who are considering a career change and see forestry or urban forestry as a potential future career.