Training, Licenses and Certificates


Licences and Certificates

A career in forestry is challenging and rewarding, often requiring you to use a range of techniques, equipment and machinery that could be potentially dangerous to yourself, those around you and the environment. Licences to practice and certificates of competency show that you have the correct training, knowledge and ability to use such techniques, machinery and equipment in a safe and effective manner.

 Below is a list of some of the licences and certificates used in the forestry industry.

Level 2 Award in Chainsaw Maintenance

Level 2 Award in Cross-cut Timber Using a Chainsaw

Level 2 Award in Felling & Processing Trees up to 380mm

Level 3 Award in Felling & Processing Trees Over 380mm

Level 2 Certificate of Competence in Manually Fed Woodchippers

Level 2 Award in the Safe Use of a Forestry Clearing Saw

Level 2 Award in Branch Removal and Breakdown of a Crown

Level 2 Award in Safe Use of a Powered Pole Pruner

Level 2 Award in Safe Use of Pesticides

Level 2 Award in Agricultural Tractor Driving and Related Operations

Level 3 Award in Severing Uprooted or Windblown Trees Using a Chainsaw

Level 2 Award in Forest Machinery Operations

Training Courses